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4 months ago

Pets Magazine Dec:Jan2019

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Pets Magazine December 2018 - January 2019 has eight pages of pet product #reviews; a #competition to win a #3D sculpture of a reader's pet; a top #dog expert on how your can help your dog fight the battle of the bulge and lose #weight; retired vet & top author Malcolm D Welshman on some #festive fun at his #veterinary practice and much more inside! #Christmas #NewYear #Magazine #Lifestyle #dogs #cats

Cavaliers’ Choices...

Cavaliers’ Choices... The Invention of the Dog The Invention of the Modern Dog Breed & Blood in Victorian Britain’ By Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange & Neil Pemberton Johns Hopkins University Press European Publication 14th Dec, HB, £29.50 SOOTHING SOLUTIONS Pet Remedy’s ( Season Survival Kit comprises the Pet Remedy plug diffuser, calming spray and calming wipe sachets is useful for pet owners over the festive season. Pet Remedy products combine Valerian absolute oil and essential oils including Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Clary Sage which, when used together, trick nerve cells into thinking they are getting a calming message from the brain. Priced at £25.00. Labradoodles, Cockerpoos and Puggles – the emergence of “designer dogs” seems like a relatively recent trend but in fact the notion of thinking about dogs principally in terms of ‘breed’ started in the mid- Victorian period. In ‘The Invention of the Modern Dog’, the authors show how our modern attitudes to breeds have been shaped by Victorian cultural ideals. The book makes for a fascinating read for anyone interested in the origins of today’s dog breeds. PS/ We’re always looking for premium products & services to review for both pets and people! Please get in touch with the boss at Love, Sophie, Nell & Rufus xxx Vet Pets Magazine

Dog Dodges Death After Downing ‘Lethal’ Pie Magdalene Lawson rushed little McNab to PDSA’s Shamrock Street Pet Hospital in Glasgow A Jack Russell-cross from Clydebank has narrowly avoided a Christmas catastrophe after wolfing down a seasonal snack. The ingredients of traditional mince pies are potentially lethal to dogs, so when three-yearold pooch McNab devoured one, his owner was understandably desperate to get help. Magdalene Lawson, 70, rushed little McNab to PDSA’s Shamrock Street Pet Hospital in Glasgow, where vets provided emergency treatment. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and the charity is now warning dog owners to keep pets well away from toxic treats this Christmas. Magdalene said: “I’d left my mince pie on the side to answer the door. Out of the corner of my eye I saw McNab sneaking out of the room, along with my mince pie! “I felt sick with worry – I knew just how poisonous a mince pie could be for him.” Magdalene immediately rang PDSA, who advised her to bring McNab straight in. He was given treatment to make him vomit the mince pie to help prevent absorption of the potentially-deadly toxins, and monitored closely. PDSA vet Jennifer Penman from Glasgow Shamrock Street’s PDSA Pet Hospital, said: “Thankfully, Magdalene was aware of the danger and was quick to react when she realised what McNab had eaten. “Things could have been much worse as the toxins from raisins, sultanas and currants can cause kidney failure or even death in dogs if left untreated.” Vet Pets Magazine

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