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4 months ago

Pets Magazine Dec:Jan2019

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Pets Magazine December 2018 - January 2019 has eight pages of pet product #reviews; a #competition to win a #3D sculpture of a reader's pet; a top #dog expert on how your can help your dog fight the battle of the bulge and lose #weight; retired vet & top author Malcolm D Welshman on some #festive fun at his #veterinary practice and much more inside! #Christmas #NewYear #Magazine #Lifestyle #dogs #cats

Vet Fairy blamed me),

Vet Fairy blamed me), but then again they did that even when they were getting more than enough. Maybe you have thought that when your dog acts like they haven’t eaten for days the moment you make yourself some toast 5 minutes later… Some begging is not so subtle… I always like to keep things simple, so as well as knowing the general weight range for your dog’s breed (N.B. this cannot realistically apply to multi-pedigree dogs who have parents of surprisingly different sizes) my basic rule for knowing if your dog’s weight is correct is to feel their ribs. If you can feel them but can’t necessarily see them, they are probably fine. If there is a fair layer of blubber around them, give them less. The exercise element to better health should not be done to their detriment, especially if they are prone to injuries as a result of their breed or age. Gentle exercise for a short time is good, even when they are in good health. There’s no need to stick them on a treadmill and run them into the ground. Remember -their instincts will tell them to eat whenever possible... You don’t really need to weigh these two to find out who needs to drop a collar size… In short, good nutritionists will advise that there is no such thing as a successful fad diet. A Pets Magazine permanent change with a healthy balance of ingredients (in an equally healthy quantity) is the key to weight loss. The same goes for our dogs. Remember that their instincts will tell them to eat whenever possible (those individuals who seem to be fussy with their food are doing it for a completely different reason – that subject is for another time) so it is up to us to make sure that they aren’t eating themselves into health problems. Taking responsibility for their eating habits makes the difference between a healthy hound and a paunchy pooch… To find out more, visit: www.tonyknightdoglistene

Sounds of Santa! Retired vet and author of ‘Pets Aplenty’ MALCOLM D. WELSHMAN on how there was no let up at his busy Vet Pets Magazine vet practice at Christmas...

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