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4 months ago

Pets Magazine Dec:Jan2019

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Pets Magazine December 2018 - January 2019 has eight pages of pet product #reviews; a #competition to win a #3D sculpture of a reader's pet; a top #dog expert on how your can help your dog fight the battle of the bulge and lose #weight; retired vet & top author Malcolm D Welshman on some #festive fun at his #veterinary practice and much more inside! #Christmas #NewYear #Magazine #Lifestyle #dogs #cats


Vet By MALCOLM D. WELSHMAN The plastic Father Christmas that I carried into reception was attired as one would expect. Red tunic trimmed in white, red hat with bell, brown sack on his back. He was of medium height, sporting long flowing white locks and beard. His smile looked fixed as did the glazed look in his eyes... My receptionist, Jean, perched uncomfortably on her stool the other side of the reception desk, fiddled nervously with her pearls. ‘A car-boot find of mine last Sunday,’ I explained as I wired the Santa to the front door. ‘Thought it would give the hospital a bit of extra cheer.’ The Santa suddenly erupted into a spasm of jerks and Ho … Ho … Ho … s as Mrs Paget, a client of mine, entered with a toy poodle. The little dog took one look at the rocking Santa, raised his hackles and with a high-pitched growl, shot under a chair. Mrs Paget, having registered her arrival, scooped the dog up, muttering reassurances to him as she quickly disappeared into the waiting room. Malcolm and Dora When I eventually got to see Mrs Paget, I was confronted with her toy poodle shaking his head. His topknot was tied up The poodle’s topknot was tied up with a red ribbon and some tiny Christmas bells... with a red ribbon and some tiny Christmas bells so that he was ringing all the way through to the consulting room. Ding a ling. Ding a ling. ‘He’s been doing it for a couple of days now,’ she said. ‘I’ve tried to stop him and told him off several times.’ Pets Magazine Told or tolled? I wondered. Ho … Ho … Ho … went Santa down the corridor. ‘Just hold his head while I have a look down his ear canal,’ I instructed. With the cone of my auriscope gently eased down the poodle’s ear, I could see the cause. A pine needle. I inserted the tip of some crocodile forceps through the cone and was able to grasp the needle and pull it out. ‘Good boy, Tinkerbell,’ said Mrs Paget with a sigh of relief. The poodle, true to his name gave a final ring of his head. Ho … Ho … Ho … There were more appointments to come. Many more. Oh … Oh … Oh A first vaccination. The puppy cowered on the table and piddled. ‘There, that wasn’t so bad was it?’ I finished injecting him in the scruff and rewarded him with a doggie choc drop. He gave me an enormous slobbery lick, wagged his tail, hunched his back and jettisoned a solid sausage of faeces over the edge of the table. Thanks, matie. Terry the Airedale plodded in for his monthly check-up. I was wondering if the change in

Vet digoxin dosage for his heart was suiting him. ‘He chased a cat down the garden,’ his owner proudly informed me. Dexter, a young black Labrador was next. He’s presented a couple of days back. Dejected. Off his food – usually had the typical eagerness for food exhibited by most Labradors i.e. an absolute piglet. No normal bowel actions. I was worried I was seeing a foreign body case. Symptoms were similar. I gave Dexter a shot of antibiotic and antiinflammatory – more as a precautionary measure; and I did warn that we might have to have him in for an X-ray if there was no improvement. ‘Meanwhile, keep a watch-out in case he passes something,’ I instructed. There was clearly a muchimproved dog when Dexter bounded in full of tail-wag. ‘I kept a careful eye on him as you instructed,’ said his owner. ‘And he did pass something this morning.’ He rummaged in a carrier bag and pulled out a rectangular white tab. ‘I have cleaned it up,’ he added as he passed it to me. ‘Rather appropriate for the time of year, don’t you think?’ I found myself looking at a plastic cake decoration. The red lettering on this one spelt out My receptionist nodded at the Father Christmas. There were yellow stains up his trousers where I was told several dogs had cocked their legs... ‘Merry Christmas.’ ‘Ho … Ho … Ho … went my Santa down the corridor. By the time I’d finished afternoon surgery, I was feeling quite frazzled. The wretched Ho Ho ing constantly echoing up from reception, contrary to filling me with Christmas spirit, had had the opposite effect. I now felt quite hostile to the Santa. Pets Magazine ‘You worn out as well?’ I said to Jean, as she switched off the computer, ready to go home. ‘I coped. But can’t say the same for him.’ She nodded at the Father Christmas. There were yellow stains up his trousers where I was told several dogs had cocked their legs. The long scratches down his tunic were due to a cat that had clawed him. And the green droppings that hung from his hair and beard were from an escaped budgie. Jean and I looked at each other and grinned. And our chorus of ‘Hee … Hee … Hee …s’ rang out as we slammed the reception door shut. ***************************** Malcolm’s latest book, ‘An Armful of Animals’ is available from Amazon as a paperback £7.99 or ebook £2.99 www.malcolmwelshman.c *****************************

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