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4 months ago

Pets Magazine Dec:Jan2019

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Pets Magazine December 2018 - January 2019 has eight pages of pet product #reviews; a #competition to win a #3D sculpture of a reader's pet; a top #dog expert on how your can help your dog fight the battle of the bulge and lose #weight; retired vet & top author Malcolm D Welshman on some #festive fun at his #veterinary practice and much more inside! #Christmas #NewYear #Magazine #Lifestyle #dogs #cats

Cavaliers’ Choices...

Cavaliers’ Choices... Indulgent Dog Treats We love the new range of tasty pheasant jerky, pheasant bites and pheasant chew sticks from Made from human grade pheasant fillets only, with no offal or other body parts and no additives, having a unique rich flavour, the treats are an excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B6 and B12, iron, phosphorous, selenium and niacin. They are high in protein but extremely low in fat and calories. They are also gluten free, hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Be a ‘Different dog’! Different Dog are on a mission to ensure that our four-legged friends are fed as well as the rest of the family with their hand-made 'Festive Feast'. The nutritionally balanced, seasonal recipe features Christmas dinner favourites - Turkey, Cranberry, Red Cabbage, Parsnips, and Sage. After working in the pet industry, co-founder Charlie became concerned about the nutritional value of standard dog food. Dog health in the UK is particularly poor, with almost half of dogs seen by vets being overweight or obese. Charlie and his wife Alex set up Different Dog to make pet food that matched the values applied to the meals fed to other members of the family. Vet Pets Magazine

Cavaliers’ Choices... The Perfect Running Partner! If you’re looking for a new running partner, look no further than your dog. Running with your dog is reported to offer multiple benefits for both of you including increased motivation, better physical and mental health and a stronger bond. Plus, thanks to Mountain Paws' advanced Shock Absorber Lead, taking your daily dog walks up a gear is easier than ever. Our Editor runs twice a week with Rufus, who’s a 19-month old Cavalier. The belt attaches well around the runner’s middle and the lead is almost the correct length for a smaller dog. It would work best for a medium to large sized dog as your running partner though. The Shock Absorber Lead features a premium webbing construction with a strong, elasticated section that reduces the impact of tugging or jolting to ensure maximum comfort for both pet and owner. The Shock Absorber Lead has a rugged construction and features a robust, high-strength Karabiner attachment that can be quickly and easily secured to your dog’s collar. Made from robust nylon webbing that will stand up to the wear and tear of your daily outings, the Shock Absorber Lead also features a padded, neoprene handle that is more comfortable to hold and minimises the risk of rubbing or discomfort. To ensure your pet is safe while running in urban areas or on the road, the feature-packed lead also includes a grab loop near the dog’s collar, ensuring you can keep them close to you while navigating busy roads or crowded areas. Priced at £21.99 from Mountain Paws. Vet Pets Magazine

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