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4 months ago

Pets Magazine Dec:Jan2019

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Pets Magazine December 2018 - January 2019 has eight pages of pet product #reviews; a #competition to win a #3D sculpture of a reader's pet; a top #dog expert on how your can help your dog fight the battle of the bulge and lose #weight; retired vet & top author Malcolm D Welshman on some #festive fun at his #veterinary practice and much more inside! #Christmas #NewYear #Magazine #Lifestyle #dogs #cats

Cavaliers’ Choices...

Cavaliers’ Choices... Super-Stylish Dog Walking Bags We love this range of stylish but oh so practical dog walking bags from Travel Wags. Made from premium fabrics, the Dog Walker bag comes complete with pop-up bowl, slim-line water bottle, nifty poop bag dispenser and pockets for other essentials such as dog treats and your mobile phone, while the Weekend Tote has enough room for a longer trip or taking your dog to the office – essentially a ‘nappy bag’ for dogs. In addition, it also comes with a chiller for either dried or fresh food, a second bowl, emergency lead and has room for all your dog's toys. So, join the likes of Graham Norton, Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard and invest in one of these premium dog walking bags! Dog Walker set (pictured below)– £64.00 Weekend Tote set – £114.00 Available online here: Vet Pets Magazine

Cavaliers’ Choices... Filled with hilarious illustrations providing sage advice and pearls of doggy wisdom, ‘The Little Instruction Book for Dogs’ is the guide to becoming a better dog – not a good dog, or a less bad dog – but better; a dog that deserves its own place at (the head of) the family dinner table, not underneath it. Instruction Books for Dogs & Cats! Dog advice: Slippers are meant to be chewed. Don’t feel bad about it – it seems to really excite the humans. Cat advice: Golden rule to remember when looking for some alone Ame: If your whiskers touch the sides, it's a good place to hide. Here are two books in a series of ‘little instruction books...’: ‘The Little Instruction Book for Dogs’ and ‘The Little Instruction Book for Cats’ are a pets’ ultimate companion. They also help us humans understand how our pets’ minds work in a very humourous style. ‘The Little Instruction Books’ for Cat meanwhile is guaranteed to teach a cat all they need to know, this illustrated paw-book will be their guide to becoming a better cat: a cat that not only gets the cream but the entire pavlova. Both are available from Amazon and other good book stores. Vet Pets Magazine

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