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1 week ago

Pets Magazine February 2019

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The February issue of Pets Magazine featuring the heart-warming tale of the St Lucian rescue dog Stanley; how your dog can help you find a new relationship; Pawternity - some new pet parents can now get paid leave; pet custody - who gets the dog?...and more inside the latest edition of the leading digital lifestyle magazine for pet owners

CUPID has four legs! A

CUPID has four legs! A dog really is a man’s or woman’s best friend when it comes to finding love, according to a new study... Vet Pets Magazine

Love match: your pets can help your love life! -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Research reveals that dogs increase your matches on Tinder by 177%. Having a dog in a Tinder or Bumble profile photo leads to 69% more matches for women. Men can see their inbound messages rise by 75% by having a dog in their photo. Pet Wingman sees how four-legged friends help both men and women find love. A dog really is a man’s or woman’s best friend when it comes to finding love, according to a new study. Created by Webbox, Pet Wingman reveals that singletons can increase their chances of finding their perfect match by 117% this Valentine’s Day by using their dog to help them do it. On average, men receive 38% more swipes on Tinder and Bumble if their profile picture features a dog, whereas women can see a whopping 69% increase by adopting the same tactic. The study followed a man and woman as they used the two dating apps for a period of two weeks. The first week, they used a single profile picture of themselves on both platforms and swiped right 100 times. For the second week, they included their four-legged friend in the photo and used the exact same tactic, then recorded the results. Potential partners unanimously favoured the dogs being in their profile photo for both men and women. Male candidate, Dan, 24, saw an increase on Tinder in the number of matches (30%) and Super Likes (200%), with a significant jump in messages (75%) and even some messages specifically about his dog Ted. Vet Pets Magazine

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