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1 week ago

Pets Magazine February 2019

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The February issue of Pets Magazine featuring the heart-warming tale of the St Lucian rescue dog Stanley; how your dog can help you find a new relationship; Pawternity - some new pet parents can now get paid leave; pet custody - who gets the dog?...and more inside the latest edition of the leading digital lifestyle magazine for pet owners

The very act of caring

The very act of caring for something other than yourself as both emotionally and spiritually enhancing. This makes it all the more painful to see households where animals are used as accessories in a person's life rather than living sentient beings. Loved in the moment, showcased on Facebook but conveniently left waiting inordinate amounts of time through the day, without companionship or stimulation, whilst their human owners pursue their own needs. Animals call to us to be better people and suffer significantly when we do not rise to that challenge. One just needs to look at cat and dog shelters, to see this latter phenomenon writ heartrendingly large. Loved: Our pets should be the object of affection... be their "Nanny State" blend (0.5%), that is purely coincidental, with no intended irony! “Let's face it, animals offer less complicated relationships.” treatment and non-exploitation always. Here is a shining example, cheers! Vet So, just to show this particular active corporate social responsibility is celebrated and contributes to the bottom line, I will buy a bottle or two of Brewdog at my next visit to the supermarket. It will probably So, let's hear it for organisations that care for and understand animals are important relationships in our lives, for some more important than relationships with homo sapiens. They require companionship love care, fair Pets Magazine

LARS B. ANDERSEN, CEO of Arty Lobster On 3D Pet Sculptures Click this link to watch the video. And here’s two examples of Arty Lobster’s fantastic 3D sculptures. Visit their website at to order a 3D sculpture of YOUR pet! Vet Pets Magazine

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