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1 week ago

Pets Magazine February 2019

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The February issue of Pets Magazine featuring the heart-warming tale of the St Lucian rescue dog Stanley; how your dog can help you find a new relationship; Pawternity - some new pet parents can now get paid leave; pet custody - who gets the dog?...and more inside the latest edition of the leading digital lifestyle magazine for pet owners

Happy endings: Stanley,

Happy endings: Stanley, the rescue dog Vet Stanley was found as a puppy on waste ground near the East Winds resort in St Lucia. The hotel rescued him and adopted him as the resort dog. He now enjoys a wonderful life living with the resort’s managing director, Judith Milne. Judith had never had a dog before but says now she couldn’t imagine life without Stanley. Stanley accompanies Judith to work, spending time snoozing in her office. He has acquired a legion of fans among the hotel guests who bring him presents and take him for walks. Now that Stanley is past the puppy stage he is getting involved in weddings at the resort, acting as ring bearer. He is also featured on a mural that has just been added to the entrance of the hotel. Here. Kish Wilkinson, tells Stanley’s heart-warming story... Pets Magazine As the rain lashed down during a tropical downpour, two pairs of terrified eyes peered out from under a fallen tree. The eyes belonged to two tiny shivering puppies crying with fright. Luckily for them, despite the thundering rain, their plaintive cries were carried on the wind to Judith and Andy Milne as they worked at the luxury East Winds resort in St Lucia. Disturbed by the sound, the couple ventured into the torrential rain and traced the

Stanley with his owner Judith Vet wails to a piece of wasteland next to the hotel where they found the bedraggled puppies in a ditch. Judith and Andy immediately took pity on the two little scraps and carried them safely back to their office. The puppies were in a poor state: starving with some nasty injuries. A visit to the vet confirmed that the four week old brothers were malnourished and unlikely to survive. For the next two weeks Judith and Andy tenderly cared for the puppies, now named Stanley Stanley is even being trained to become a ring bearer for couples marrying at the resort and Rover, tempting them with nourishing food and giving them much needed love and affection. It was a further three months before the brothers were fully recovered. Pets Magazine And from this point their lives were transformed forever. A regular visitor to the hotel, took a particular shine to Rover and adopted him, giving him a new home nearby. Stanley was kept by the Milnes, becoming the resort pet and a vital member of the East Winds team. The brothers still see each regularly having fun playing together. Today, Stanley is 18 months old and accompanies Judith to

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