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1 week ago

Pets Magazine February 2019

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The February issue of Pets Magazine featuring the heart-warming tale of the St Lucian rescue dog Stanley; how your dog can help you find a new relationship; Pawternity - some new pet parents can now get paid leave; pet custody - who gets the dog?...and more inside the latest edition of the leading digital lifestyle magazine for pet owners

Vet work every morning.

Vet work every morning. His ‘duties’ include meeting and greeting guests, playing and taking walks with them. Many guests have commented that having Stanley to play with has stopped them missing their own dogs. And now Stanley is even being trained to become a ring bearer for couples marrying at the resort. Several couples had already invited Stanley to attend their nuptials, so Judith decided to give him an official role. Bond: Stanley & Judith When not working, Stanley relaxes in Judith’s office chilling out on cool tiles, resting his head on a pillow. He’s a big cushion lover and always takes one to relax on. He loves the beach, swimming in the sea every day. And recently was featured, paddling in the sea, in a new mural at the entrance of the property. Stanley’s loving nature has attracted a fan club of guests who bring him gifts of toys and treats. Doggy treats are not easy to find in St Lucia so he really appreciates them. He even has his own Instagram account chronicling his exploits. The resort staff love him too. He’s very sociable and greets everyone, especially anyone he’s known since he was a puppy. He has a particular soft spot for executive chef, Tomislav Cukman: the two play together whenever they see each other. All the chefs have helped nurture Stanley to good health. His diet features dried food supplemented with mackerel at breakfast time and homemade chicken treats when Pets Magazine he’s doing a training session. Judith and Andy use game based training, rewarding him when he does something right. As Stanley and Rover were abandoned, it’s hard to determine their breed. Their mother was probably a stray, known as banana hounds in St Lucia and their father was probably a Labrador. But their breed is of no consequence to Judith who says, “When people ask what sort of dog Stanley is, we say he’s a Lucian!” Cuddling Stanley, Judith reflects: “I’ve never owned a dog before, but Stanley and Rover stole my heart. As soon as we found the puppies I know I would keep one of them. “Stanley is a cheeky chappie, very affectionate but with a mind of his own. He’s bright and quick to learn new skills, loyal and playful. And of course, we think he’s the best dog ever!” Follow Stanley’s adventures on Instagram: stanleyofeastwinds or visit

PET CUSTODY: Who gets the dog? Retaining pet custody is high on newly-single Brits’ priority list, new research has revealed. Vet Pets Magazine

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