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3 months ago

Pets Magazine November 2018

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This month, we feature MOJO, Instagram's newest canine star; Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant; an expert on how to look after your pets' digestion & improve their long-term health & happiness; our fantastic festive giveaway of a 3D printed sculpture of YOUR pet, and more inside!

Pet Horoscopes by

Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant ARIES (March 21st-April 20th) Your human companion is more affectionate than usual, which is pleasantly puzzling. At last your friend is starting to see how much joy you bring to their life, and is thanking you accordingly. Spending more quality time together is on the cards. If you sense your owner has a heavy your best to fill the void. Your presence is incredibly healing. TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st) You'll be taking care of your owner instead of the other way around this month. Fortunately, this arrangement suits you just fine. You get great while you're tremendously heart, it may be the result of a difficult love relationship. Do pleasure from providing your human companion with love, comfort, and reassurance. And giving, you're also quite sensitive. A harsh word will send you scurrying for cover. Vet Pets Magazine

The only way to entice you out of hiding is with a game of 'catch me if you can'. cap and an honour for your human companion as well. unknown territory, or a search party will have to be called! GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st) It's possible that you've developed an obsession over a particular toy or possession. This is a sign that you need healthier diversions. A little more exercise could do the trick, although it will be a challenge to pry you away from your favourite object. Like humans, it's easy for animals to get attached to objects. They provide a welcome distraction from any emotional voids. It's time to find healthier alternatives. LEO (July 24th-August 23rd) You may have recently been a bit out of sorts, so it's a welcome change to see the emotional climate shift pleasantly as the month begins. Let the weather do what it will, for even if it brings showers or storms you can enjoy curling up in a cosy spot and dreaming the afternoon away. Part of your ill temper may have been due to a lack of sleep; why not take advantage of any grey days that come along to catch up on your rest? LIBRA (September 24th- October 23rd) You may be tempted to take out your frustrations on a valuable piece of property. Your human companion would be wise to keep such items out of your reach. If an unfortunate incident does occur, it would be wise of your owner to deal with the root cause. You wouldn't be destructive if there wasn't a problem. Happily, things get back to normal by the end of November, when you both willing to turn over a new leaf. CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd) Few animals know better than you how to be a good helper, so when you get the opportunity to model this behaviour for a visitor, do so to the best of your ability. The impression you make will have a most positive effect and before long the news may reach the ear of someone who trains pets for special duties. Don't be surprised if they come seeking your services. This would be quite a feather in your VIRGO (August 24th- September 23rd) It's difficult to obey commands early in the month, when you're distracted and moody. Do your best to do the bare minimum or you could find yourself in trouble with your master. Things will be much more relaxed by mid November, thanks to your owner's forgiving attitude and your adorable behaviour. Resist the temptation to venture into SCORPIO (October 24th- November 22nd) A party-loving human friend is delighted to have you as their companion as they visit one site of celebrating after another. Whether this involves spending an evening with high-spirited neighbours or going to some gala social event, you can count on being decked out appropriately by the one who dotes on you. When you head Vet Pets Magazine

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