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3 months ago

Pets Magazine November 2018

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This month, we feature MOJO, Instagram's newest canine star; Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant; an expert on how to look after your pets' digestion & improve their long-term health & happiness; our fantastic festive giveaway of a 3D printed sculpture of YOUR pet, and more inside!

home after these

home after these experiences you and your friend will have much to share, so be ready for some pleasant pillow talk before you get to sleep. SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st) Though you live to wiggle into secluded or hidden places, it's best you not conduct too many investigations at the present time, especially outside the home. Ignore this advice you could find yourself front page news when you're caught by an overzealous photographer or news person as they're currently out and about hot on the trail for stories of interest. If keeping a low profile is your actual intent, stay curled up at your people's feet watching TV. CAPRICORN (December22nd- January20th) You're sleeping deeply, which is always a good thing. The next time you awake from a nap, be aware of how your body is feeling. Notice how nicely everything seems to be working. Minimal stiffness, good flexibility, keen vision, clear sinuses. It's great to have your health! Take a moment to appreciate this gift. Then have a good stretch and go back to sleep. AQUARIUS (January21st- February19th) Getting into scrapes is your chief occupation this month. You simply can't resist examining new packages or exploring forbidden territory. There's even a chance you will get lost. Your owner would be wise to take extra precautions with your confinement. And while your appetite may not be huge, your craving for company is. Socialising with people and other creatures brings out the best in you. Be prepared to make a new friend. PISCES (February20th- March20th) If you feel a bit perplexed this month, there's likely a good cause and friends with developed psychic abilities are sensing it as well. This is a good time to stay close to home engaged in quiet pastimes. The more still you become, the more you invite information to come to you as it does to those who are spiritually gifted; perhaps you'll pick up a vibration! You're actually quite in tune with electrical currents, so keep your personal antenna raised and who knows what information you might receive! Vet Pets Magazine

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