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3 months ago

Pets Magazine November 2018

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This month, we feature MOJO, Instagram's newest canine star; Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant; an expert on how to look after your pets' digestion & improve their long-term health & happiness; our fantastic festive giveaway of a 3D printed sculpture of YOUR pet, and more inside!

My Pet Our cover star

My Pet Our cover star this month is celebrity dog, Mojo the Toy Poodle. Mojo’s best known for her appearance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2017 and as the skateboarding dog in the Webbox Naturals television advert. We meet her owner, Lynne Land, and find out more about this cute pooch! Tell us about Mojo... I’ve had Mojo since she was 8 weeks old, there were two girls in the litter and I was supposed to be having the other puppy; at the very last minute the breeder changed her mind and I had Mojo instead. I had planned a name for the other puppy and had seen her every week when they were tiny, but I can honestly say I cannot imagine not having Mojo in my life now, she is such a treasure to live with, and she loves everyone she meets! How did she become an Instagram star? I decided to set Mojo up with her own Lynne with Mojo Instagram page (@Mojosclub) because she has such a busy and fun life (we have another 8 Toy Poodles at home too). People love her trick and grooming videos, although I have to say Mojo prefers the tricks way better than the grooming, in fact when the brushes and shampoo come out she does her best trick - a disappearing act! Vet Pets Magazine

Vet Does Mojo have any special tricks or games she plays? Mojo achieved a Guinness World Record this year for the most rotations on her hind legs (pirouetting) in 30 seconds, she can ‘play’ a piano and sing, which she did on BGT last year, she can drive a little car and so many more tricks. As soon as she sees me get the clicker out, and assuming some very special treats are on offer - such as Webbox Natural treat bars (her favourites!), she immediately wants to practise or learn a new trick. What does Mojo mean to you and your family? Mojo loves us all and we all love Mojo. (Husband Steve, kids Hannah and Jamie). She is very loving but a lot of fun too, I take her and her son Freddie into our local school and the children read to them) Mojo puts them at ease by being really cheeky, pinching treats out of my bag or trying to pick books up, the children think she’s hilarious, it’s hard not to fall in love with her. I love when people meet her and say they didn’t realise poodles Pets Magazine were so nice, she’s a good advert for the breed. Do you take Mojo on holiday with you? What has been her favourite holiday so far? Lynne with her poodles Yes, we take Mojo away with us. We were recently in Swanage for a long weekend, we made sure the hotel was dog friendly and she had a great time, everyone made such a fuss of her and we even found a dog friendly pub right next to the beach. (we take her favourite food Webbox Natural patè trays as they are so handy to feed whilst away from home). Her favourite place so far is London, it’s great for dogs with all the beautiful parks, dog friendly shops, cafes and if it gets busy

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