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3 months ago

Pets Magazine November 2018

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This month, we feature MOJO, Instagram's newest canine star; Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant; an expert on how to look after your pets' digestion & improve their long-term health & happiness; our fantastic festive giveaway of a 3D printed sculpture of YOUR pet, and more inside!

Vet she’s small enough

Vet she’s small enough to pick up! Does Mojo come to work with you? I am lucky enough to work from home as a groomer and part time writer, so my dogs are always with me. Mojo is my shadow, sitting on my knee while I type on the laptop, she has inspired me to write a children’s book (‘Mojo Make- Believe’) starring her! I only groom Poodles these days and Mojo loves meeting them and checking my grooming is up to scratch, but they aren’t allowed to look as glamorous as her. What do you like about Toy Poodles? We had our first Toy Poodle when I was a small child, so my mum started off the obsession. I’ve taken it to another level, by showing, doing agility and film and tv work with my Poodles as well as them being our loved family pets. They are the most wonderful fun and clever little dogs and make brilliant companions. They love to run “Mojo was in the first ‘Kingsman’ film...and we met Michael Caine” and play and actually never really grow up, they are cuddly but fun too. They’re also incredibly versatile, I honestly think you could train them to do anything. I recently trained Freddie to be a scent detection dog; the instructor who was an Pets Magazine ex-police dog trainer said he was as capable as any spaniel at scent work. So, I’d say never underestimate a poodle; they have brains and beauty! Anything exciting in the pipeline for Mojo? We recently worked on an advert for Webbox where Mojo and Freddie skateboarded across the screen - it was such fun. We have done other film and TV work in the past; Mojo was in the first ‘Kingsman’ film, which was very cool, I did a lot of work on it and even met Michael Caine briefly. The second Mojo book is currently being worked on and we’ve just been on TalkRadio being interviewed by Steph and Dom (Googlebox) about attending the National Pet Show NEC where we did displays and talks and had a brilliant time meeting lots of Mojo fans!

Gut Reaction: How we can make our pets’ healthier & happier We meet Dr Rosemary Waring, an expert with Tharos, a science-led health company focused on animal digestive health, malfermentation, and the gut microbiome. Dr Waring discusses how we can improve our pets’ gut health, leading to better general health. Vet Pets Magazine

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